Bulletin Submission

The weekly bulletin contains parish news, information, feature articles and schedules. It is available after all weekend Masses and online on our website.

Please submit your article by Monday TWO WEEKS prior to the publication date.

For activities/events taking place on any of the parish campuses, room reservations needs to be scheduled in advance and reservations confirmed prior to submission to the bulletin.

If you are not already working with a staff member, assigned as a liaison, you will be assigned one prior to final event scheduling, who will be available to help you with administrative guidelines and communications throughout staff.

For large events greater than 30 people we ask that you meet directly with Communications to pre-plan your media needs at a high level.

It would be helpful if you would follow these guidelines when submitting your article. Nonconforming submissions may be delayed, returned or added to the queue for work needing edits by our volunteer teams. This is especially important for events taking place within the two week publish window. Time is not on our side when it comes to deadlines.
1. The content of your article should be reviewed by at least one other person in your group. Any final decisions needed should be reflected in the one submission. Please double check dates. Send article to kateribulletins@dor.org

2. Please submit your text in 11 pt. Times New Roman font.
If text on a poster is in a different font, we reserve the right to change the fonts that are better suited and accessible for the printing process.

3. Please provide a word file, publisher file or provide access to an editable file when submitting either a text article or a poster.  Graphics should also be sent that are able to be sized. All graphics or posters submitted are understood to be have any copyright regulations satisfied by person submitting.

We welcome a copy with your layout, but please note the editable files you send may be modified to fit into the bulletin, especially areas on the poster that have white space between text, graphics, etc., or, have large images that that are too big for the space available.

Interested in Advertising?
Contact our bulletin partner, LPi, at 1-800-888-4574 or visit www.4lpi.com.

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To submit an article, email us at kateribulletins@dor.org