Family Faith Formation FAQ

Are there any classes or programs designed specifically for my child’s age group?
Yes! We offer seasonal and onetime events for children and youth. These youth enrichment opportunities include a summer VBS, mini VBS days throughout the year, retreats, service projects and small group gatherings like Youth Alpha. There are a variety of activities throughout the year for every age level. Please note that these are enrichment opportunities only, and enrollment in a Faith Formation program or Catholic School is required.

How are family groups arranged?
We will help pair you up with other families of similar age children.  Contact our office if you have a specific request or question.

Who will be our group facilitator?
Group facilitators consist of parents and volunteers who are trained for this role. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity for our program, please let us know.

What will the weekly check-in with our facilitator be like?
Weekly check-ins will be either a meeting, a quick email, text, or phone call. It is a brief conversation about what is working well and what you need help with.

Are there any other Faith Formation programs available?
You may attend this Family Faith Formation program at our parish or attend a program at another parish. However, Sacramental preparation and celebration always occurs at the parish where you are registered.

What do we do to prepare for First Communion, First Penance and/or Confirmation?

Preparation for Sacraments is in addition to the Faith Formation program or Catholic School. All children and youth must be enrolled in a Faith Formation program or Catholic School in order to prepare for Sacraments.

Is this program open to Catholic School children?
Yes, it is open to anyone who is interested, PreK-Grade 12!

What is the cost of the program?
The cost for Family Faith Formation (Grade PreK-12) is $60 for one child; $85 for two children; $105 family maximum fee. All fees are used to cover materials.

Other Fees: First Reconciliation & First Communion – $50 per child; Confirmation – $25 per child, per year; Vacation Bible School – $30 for one child; $60 for two; $75 family maximum

How do I register?
Registration is online.