Around the Table – Small Groups

Faith sharing and prayer is an integral way to grow together in community and in understanding one’s faith journey. Around the Table groups meet in the comfort of homes or at the parish.  They explore foundational topics of faith, using a variety of resources. These gatherings also allow participants to share in rich prayer experiences together. Groups form seasonally and the duration and frequency of meeting sessions is dependent upon each group.

 How does it work?

Form a group of 6-8 friends, family or neighbors. Groups meet during the Winter months.

Choose from a variety of faith-filled resources, DVDs or on-line tools. A complete list of resources available below. Parents, empty nesters, history buffs, teens – there’s something for everyone.

Attend four or more gatherings to share & discuss. Resources,
reflection questions are provided by the parish. Gatherings are hosted by a group facilitator or host.

Deepen your faith & your friendships!

Contact the Faith Formation Office to register!


Simplified Process for Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) Prayer

Lectio Divina is a simple but powerful way to pray scripture together. A scripture passage is read three different times. After each reading, participants are directed to share first a particular word that struck them, second a particular phrase that struck them and after the third reading, a brief reflection of what they hear God saying to them through the reading.

Reading One: Sharing a Word

Prior to the first reading of the passage, announce the Parish Theme for the week and note that all members of St. Kateri are asked to focus on this particular theme throughout the week. Then ask the participants to listen for the one word in the passage that strikes them most powerfully today. When the reading is finished, invite each to share that word aloud with the group, without having to explain why they chose it.

Reading Two: Sharing a Phrase

Prior to the second reading of the passage invite the participants to listen for the one phrase in the passage that strikes them most powerfully today (it does not have to contain the word they just shared). When the reading is finished, invite each to share that phrase aloud with the group, without having to explain why they chose it.

Reading Three: Faith Sharing

Invite participants to listen to the reading one last time and this time they are invited to open up to what God is trying to say to them today through this reading. When the reading is finished, give them one minute of quiet reflection, and then invite participants to begin sharing their reflections as they feel called to do so.

Closing Prayer
After the faith sharing is completed, conclude together with an Our Father, a Hail Mary or a Glory Be.



Decision Point – this is a tool to engage young Catholics in a meaningful conversation about the genius of Catholicism and to help discover the incredible dream God has for you. – Dynamic Catholic

Symbolon – The Catholic Faith Explained opens up the “big picture” of the Catholic Faith in a way that helps us know it, live it and articulate it to others. – Symbolon

Salt and Light, The Church Alive – An interactive show will inspire people and get them talking about the faith. – Salt and Light

Live Catholic: Practical Ways to Build Strong Catholic Families – Empowers parents to take an active role in gowing faith in their children, from toddlers to teens, and raise their kids to be the people God calls them to be. – Live Catholic

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