Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic Faith

Frequently Asked Questions about our Parish

How do I contact staff during and after office hours?

You may visit any office during office hours, or call the office (544-8880). After office hours, call the office and the auto-attendant will direct you if no one is available to answer the phone.

Who is the staff and where are they located?

Staff members are in the offices at Saint Cecilia, Christ the King and Saint Margaret Mary. See the Staff page for contact information.

What if I have an emergency when the office is closed?

The answering system gives you several options to contact a priest in an emergency.

I will be entering the hospital or having a minor procedure and would like to be anointed.

Call the office or see a priest after Mass. He will be happy to anoint you. If a loved one is in the hospital and wishes to be anointed, there are priests on call who will visit the room. Our priests visit parishioners in the hospital as often as they can. Please note that not all hospitals call our office when you are admitted.

I am home-bound and would like a priest to visit me. (Or, I would like someone to bring Communion to me in my home.)

Call the office; if you wish to be anointed or receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, a priest will visit you. Our home-bound visitation ministry provides Eucharist as well as a friendly visit.

I was baptized at one of the five former Irondequoit parishes. Where are my sacramental records kept? And how do I obtain copies?

The sacramental records are kept in the archive office at Saint Margaret Mary. Please call any parish office, or fill out a Sacramental Certificate Request Form requesting your records. Please note that we are not allowed to send certificates to the parents of adult children.

How do I obtain a Sponsor Certificate so I can act as a godparent for Baptism, sponsor for Confirmation or witness for a wedding?

Please call any parish office, or fill out a Sponsor Certificate Request Form. Please note that you must be a registered parishioner, and have received the Sacrament of Confirmation, in order to receive a sponsor certificate.

I want to get married in the church. What is the procedure?

Call the office at least 6 months before you plan to be married. Our Wedding Coordinator will contact you and guide you through the wedding preparations. You will need to complete Pre-Cana, meet with the priest or deacon who will be conducting the ceremony, and provide baptism certificates.

How do I obtain Mass cards/candles? Do I have to get them at the specific site where it is located?  Cost?

The purpose of Mass cards is to have Masses said for a departed loved one, who may need our prayers to move from purgatory to heaven. Mass cards can also be obtained for the intentions of the living. You can obtain cards by stopping in at any office (not necessarily at the site where the Mass will be said), or by calling. We can mail the card if you wish.The Mass stipend is $10,and is required when the Mass intention is requested.

Candles can be lit to honor the dead and the living. The fee is $10 for candles, to be lit for a week. Call or visit any office to reserve candles. Cards can be given as gifts. There are also candle stands in Saint Margaret Mary & Saint Cecilia where candles can be lit for a day or more – fees are posted for those candles.

How do I register as a parishioner?

Call or stop in to any parish office, fill out a Registration form (you will receive a call to finish the process), or see a priest after Mass.

How do I start or stop receiving envelopes?

Call, email or stop into any office. Please note that envelopes are mailed every 2 months. Depending on when we receive your request, it may take 3 months to start or stop envelopes.

If I give through online giving – do I still need to get envelopes?

You do not need to get envelopes. If you wish to use envelopes for Special Collections, then you are welcome to keep receiving them. If you wish to donate to Special Collections online, they are active for about a month around the time the collections are requested. Sign in and see what Special Collections are active.

Will I receive a statement of my giving for tax purposes?

Yes. We send out statements at the end of January each year, but we encourage you to keep your own records as well.

Can the parish facilities be used for parties?

Parish facilities cannot be used for private parties; they are used for parish events and parish group meetings, and in some cases rented to outside ministries. The Newcomb Friendship Center can also be used for funeral receptions if it is available.

How do I reserve space for an event?

To use parish facilities for ANY reason (weekly/monthly group meetings, youth events, parish events), you must submit a “Request for Facility Use” to the parish office—forms may be found in any Parish Office. Every group must submit this paperwork each year in order to reserve space. Posters for the bulletin board should also be submitted to the Parish Office.

What is the CMA?

The Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA) raises money to support crucial diocesan-wide ministries and outreach. Donations to the Catholic Ministries Appeal support children hungry to learn about the Catholic faith, dedicated young seminarians learning to serve God and the Church, or older priests who have served faithfully and need retirement support. You help ministries of the Vatican and US bishops. Your money helps the vital work of Catholic Charities, to families just like yours. And you give locally: – more than half of every dollar raised returns to your parish in the form of services and programming your parish would have a difficult time providing on its own. None of the money is used to pay legal settlements related to sexual abuse cases.

If I worship at one site, do I consider myself a parishioner of that site?

No. We are all parishioners of St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish. We are one parish, with 3 worship sites.

Christ the King Church
445 Kings Highway South
Rochester, NY 14617
(585) 544-8880
St. Cecilia Church
2732 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 544-8880
St. Margaret Mary Church
401 Rogers Parkway
Rochester, NY 14617
(585) 544-8880
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