Abercius – Augustine of Canterbury


Title Name Feast Day
Thrilled to be Christian St. Abercius 10/22
Unwilling Groom St. Abraham Kidunaia 3/16
Slavic Martyr St. Adalbert of Prague 4/23
Father of the Journeymen Bl. Adolf Kolping 12/4
St. Bernard of the North St. Aelred of Rievaulx 1/12
Protectors of the Scriptures SS. Agape, Chionia and Irene 2/15
Martyrs to Doctrine BB. Agathangelo and Cassian 8/7
Beloved but Unknown St. Agnes 1/21
Promoter of Franciscans St. Agnes of Bohemia 3/2
Timid Martyr, Hearty Martyr SS. Thomas Reynolds and Alban Roe 1/21
The Charcoal-Burner St. Alexander 8/11
Gentle St. Alice 6/15
A Light in the Forest St. Alice Kotowska 6/13
Pioneer School Sister Bl. Alix 10/22
Who are All Saints? 11/1
Enemy of Violence St. Almachius 1/1
Hurrying to Heaven St. Aloysius 6/21
Balkan Hero Bl. Aloysius Stepinac, Cardinal Martyr 2/10
“Martyr” to Red Tape St. Alphonsus 8/1
Saintly Widower St. Alphonsus Rodriguez 10/30
Generous Duke Bl. Amadeus IX 3/30
Governor, Prelate, Poet St. Ambrose 12/7
Priest Until Death St. Ambrose Barlow 9/11
American Saints
of the Salt-Marsh St. Ammon 10/4
Promoter of St. Joseph St. Andre Bessette 1/6
The First-Called St. Andrew 11/30
Counter-Reformer St. Andrew Avellino 11/10
“Twice Martyred” St. Andrew Bobola 5/21
Martyrs of Vietnam St. Andrew Dung-Lac and Martyrs 12/26
Guardians Angel Guardians 9/29, 10/2
Pioneer Teaching Sister St. Angela 1/27
Mystic with a Paintbrush Bl. Angelico of Fiesole 2/18
“Ziggy” Bl. Angelo of Acri 10/30
Housewife and Mystic Bl. Anna Maria Taigi 6/9
“God’s Grandparents” SS. Anne and Joachim 7/26
Mother Whirlwind Bl. Anne Javouhey 7/15
Protector of Priests St. Anne Line 2/27
Pioneering Carmelite Bl. Anne of Saint Bartholomew 6/7
Apostle of the North St. Ansgar 2/3
Adult-Ed Bishop St. Anthony Claret 1/17
Shocked into Wisdom Bl. Anthony Grassi 12/18
Monastic Standard-bearer St. Anthony of Egypt 9/24
St. Anthony of Padua 6/13
Educating for Both Worlds Bl. Anton Martin Slomsek 9/24
Martyrs St. Apollonia and Friends 2/9
Pioneer Christian Couple SS. Aquila and Priscilla 7/8
Modern Missionary St. Arnold Janssen, SVD 1/15
Brother Failure Bl. Arnold Reche 10/23
Not of this World St. Arsenius the Great 7/19
“Pillar of the Church” St. Athanasius 5/2
Double Death St. Augustina Pietrantoni, Martyr 11/13
St. Augustine the Great 8/28
“Primate of All England” St. Augustine of Canterbury 5/27


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