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Mission & Vision

To invite and welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life to embrace and celebrate our vocation: To be Christ to the world.

Friends and neighbors joyfully sharing and living the Gospel and the transforming love of Jesus Christ through our Parish Family.

Ash Wednesday Video Messages

We All Get Ashes


First Annual Cornhole Bean Bag Tournament

Young Adults: Next C.A.F.E March 23rd

March 23rd Guest Speaker – Jennifer Johnson (Channel 13)

C.A.F.E – Coffee After Faith Experiences – Young Adults 18-29



Parish Pasta Dinner – Saturday, March 2

Alpha Sessions – Fridays 12:00 PM – Come for one or all

All are welcome!
Fridays  12:00-1:30 PM SC/NFC
Alpha is for people who have had no formal contact with church as well as those who want to deepen their faith in a supportive, open, informal setting.
Alpha is about meeting people where they are, engaging them in conversations about life’s important questions, introducing them to the person of Jesus, and ultimately helping them build a relationship with Jesus, one another and the Church. While we are hosting it at Saint Kateri, we are using the ecumenical Alpha program and there is no pressure for people to join our or any church.
Contact: georgiana.bondi@dor.org
Like to cook? Sign up to help with Alpha Food

Mass during the Winter Weather Season

Mass will be celebrated on our usual schedule, but please know that the obligation for you to attend Mass is not binding (one is excused) if the current weather and road conditions make it difficult or dangerous for you to travel to Mass. Please stay safe.

Mass Schedule:

4:00 PM at St. Cecilia 
4:30 PM at Christ the King
8:00 AM at St. Margaret Mary
9:00 AM at St. Cecilia
10:00 AM at Christ the King *
11:00 AM at St. Margaret Mary
*Interpreted for the Deaf

Weekday Masses
Monday – Thursday
11:30 AM at St. Margaret Mary
Monday, Tuesday, Friday
6:30 AM at Christ the King
Wednesday – Saturday
8:30 AM at St. Cecilia

Sacrament of Reconciliation
3:00 – 3:45 PM St. Cecilia
3:30 – 4:15 PM Christ the King

Due to a misprint in the bulletin here are the correct Mass Intentions for Week of February 11th

MON Feb 11 – Our Lady of Lourdes     
6:30   CTK  Joseph Mesh – Family
11:30    SMM    Peter Tremblay – Jim & Diane Anderson

TUE Feb 12 – Weekday  
6:30   CTK  Joseph Bovenzi – Mike & Ann Cannarozzo
11:30    SMM    Intentions of
Our Lady of Lourdes Church Jesus Quilters

WED Feb 13 – Weekday 
8:30   SC  Betty Jane Hetzler & Family – Ramich Family
11:30    SMM    Mary & Dom Lombano – niece, Fran

THU Feb 14 – Ss. Cyril and Methodius   
8:30   SC  Phyllis Dambra – daughter, Fran
11:30    SMM    Lewis Lincoln – Lincoln Family

FRI Feb 15 – Weekday
6:30   CTK  Bob Mahonsky – wife, Angie
8:30   SC  Joyce Price – husband, Joe

SAT Feb 16 – Weekday       
8:30   SC  Joan Dierna – Nancy Weiland
4:00   SC  Salvatore Ciraulo – wife, Annette
4:30   CTK  Jack Cocilova – Cenny Burgess

SUN Feb 17 – Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time   
8:00   SMM   Jack Worden – Vicki Kaminski
9:00   SC Mary Piazza – Don & Penny Pero Family
10:00 CTK    (100 BA) Marion & George Fettinger &

Joseph Camelio – Maryfran & Ken Fettinger
11:00    SMM    For the People of the Parish

Bishop’s Reflection on Basilian’s Saint Kateri Decision



Saint Kateri Channel

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Recorded Events 2018:

7/27  VBS KIDZ CAMP Saint Safari Friday Opening
7/26  VBS KIDZ CAMP Saint Safari Thursday Opening
7/25  VBS KIDZ CAMP Saint Safari Wednesday Opening
7/24  VBS KIDZ CAMP Saint Safari Tuesday Opening
6/20 School Rainbow Service Part 1
6/20 Part 2 – unavailable on Social Media
5/19 Pentecost Celebration
5/19 Day events w Pot luck Dinner
5/19 St. Salome Time Capsule Opening

Christ the King Church
445 Kings Highway South
Rochester, NY 14617
(585) 544-8880

St. Cecilia Church
2732 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 544-8880

St. Margaret Mary Church
401 Rogers Parkway
Rochester, NY 14617
(585) 544-8880
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