The Sacrament of Matrimony (or Christian Marriage), like all of the sacraments, is a visible expression of God’s ongoing presence in the world and an example of the kind of love God has for each of us. In Christian Marriage, a husband and wife form a covenant of committed, unconditional and caring love and they invite Christ to be a partner with them in that covenant.

The unconditional nature of a covenant is different from that of a contract which requires that certain conditions be met by each partner in order for the contract to be valid. The Church teaches that the Sacrament of Matrimony mirrors God’s covenant of love with his people.” God’s love for us is unconditional, eternal, exclusive, and faithful, in good times and bad, in sickness and health.

Christian Marriage is considered uniquely life giving. A husband and wife share the privilege of procreating new life. And the surprises and trials of marriage provide countless opportunities to grow in holiness.

Call the office at least 6 months before you plan to be married. Our Wedding Coordinator will contact you and guide you through the wedding preparations. You will need to complete Pre-Cana, meet with the priest or deacon who will be conducting the ceremony, and provide baptism certificates.



It is an honor and pleasure for us to serve you as you prepare for this blessed occasion.  Please consider these sacred guidelines as you continue your plans.

In the Roman Catholic tradition, the bride and the groom establish their marriage covenant in the presence of the church and the church ministers.

Couples enter a Catholic Marriage by:

  • Freely entering into a vowed commitment of respect, reverence and love
  • Making this promise for a lifetime    
  •  Promising fidelity forever
  • Being open to bearing children, providing for their good and bringing them up in the faith


1. Initial Contact: A call to our parish office will direct you to our wedding coordinator. You will be assigned a priest or deacon, who will provide you with an overview of the marriage preparation process and confirm a date on the church’s calendar.  Please call the parish office at least six months prior to your anticipated wedding date to arrange your first meeting.

2. “Fully Engaged”: This tool will assist you in preparation for marriage in the Catholic Church.  The exercise will help you take an objective look at the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. Afterwards, you will be able to discuss your results with the priest or deacon helping in your preparation.

3. Pre-Cana:. Pre-Cana is a prerequisite to marriage. Refer to the diocesan website ( for a list of dates and locations. Pre-Cana sessions are offered at Saint Kateri Parish. Check for dates.

4. Personal Preparation: You will meet 2 to 3 more times with the priest or deacon discussing issues focused on your specific relationship and preparation based on your “Fully Engaged” inventory. Time will also be spent discussing your marriage liturgy and filling out necessary forms.

5. Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals: Our wedding coordinator will attend the rehearsal to facilitate a smooth and harmonious ceremony and assist you with the details involving your ceremony.

6. Music: Couples are provided with an outline of the wedding liturgy with music suggestions and options to help you personalize your service. Our parish offers an opportunity to listen to various selections, both instrumental and vocal. Saint Kateri’s Director of Music Ministry will guide you in finalizing your decisions.

7. Pray: For a joyful, faith-filled marriage, long beyond a happy wedding day.

The weekend of your special day, your names will be mentioned at all Masses and our parishioners will pray for you.

FEES: There are wedding fees that include the standard parish offering and services provided by the wedding coordinator, organist and cantor. More information will be provided by the wedding coordinator.

BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATES: You will each be requested to provide a NEW raised-sealed copy of your baptismal certificate. Please contact the church where you were baptized to obtain this, not more than 6 months before your wedding date. Be sure to confirm where your baptism took place well before the time of needing the certificate.

 FLOWERS:  We welcome flower arrangements, but they cannot be placed directly on the altar. Positioned elsewhere, you may designate someone to take them with you after your ceremony or leave them with the parish to celebrate your sacrament for days after. We love flowers here at Saint Kateri.

WEDDING LICENSE: Please bring a New York State Wedding License to the rehearsal.  Be aware that marriages in New York State may not take place until 24 hours after the time that the license is issued.  Licenses are valid for two months.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: You will have approximately 20-30 minutes after your wedding for pictures. Please communicate this with your photographer.

Four Churches are available for Weddings at
Saint Kateri Parish – 585-544-8880

Christ the King Church
445 Kings Hwy.S.
Rochester, NY 14617

St. Cecilia Church
2732 Culver Rd
Rochester, NY 14622

St. Margaret Mary Church
401 Rogers Pkwy
Rochester, NY 14617

St. Thomas the Apostle
4536 St. Paul Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14617



Each year a wedding music planning meeting is held at St Margaret Mary Church for all couples planning their wedding at any of the 4 churches of Saint Kateri parish.

Couples will be provided with an outline of the wedding liturgy, and music suggestions to help you plan your Wedding Liturgy. You will have an opportunity to listen to various music selections, both instrumental and vocal, to assist you in your decision process, as well as look at various options available to you. The meeting is generally one hour and 15 minutes in duration. We invite couples to RSVP to the office at 544-8880, ext. 1119 to register no later than one week in advance to enable us to provide enough resource materials for those attending.